Water Hawthorne Sun or Shade Nice  X-Large plants!
Water Hawthorne X-Large plants pic 2/25/19

Water Hawthorne Sun or Shade Nice X-Large plants!

Price: $15.98
X-Large blooming plants as of 4/06/19
Part Number:Water Hawthorne Sun or Shade Nice X-Large plants!
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  • Now shipping blooming plants as of 02/25/19; Very fragrant!
  • Hardy zone 5 and higher.  Even blooms during periods of light ice.  See picture below.
  • Sun or Shade
  • Water Hawthorne foliage and flower
  • Foliage and flower of Water Hawthorne
  • Water Hawthorne blooming under ice
  • We are now shipping water Hawthorne.
  • Water Hawthorne Aponogeton distachyus lily-like-aquatic
  • Water Hawthorne grows and blooms in cool/cold water of late fall until the warm water of early summer when it then goes dormant. In early fall when the water is cooler again, it starts the cycle again and begins to grow and bloom.
  • The white fragrant flowers are present from fall until late spring when the water is warming up. The flowers are held slightly above the mottled foliage that is oblong green.
  • The undersides of the leaves are red.
  • Flowers have a slight vanilla fragrance.
  • NOTE: During the warm summer months and early fall months the bulb you receive will be dormant. The dormant bulbs can not be added to a cold pond, one below 55 degrees. In colder climates, purchase the dormant bulb and let them root as the water cools down. Then they will start to bloom in the fall.
  • Fish Warning: Place the Water Hawthorne where the fish can not get to them
  • Growing Tip: Can be planted in the same pot with a water lily. The Water Hawthorne will be dormant when the lily is blooming and when the Water Hawthorne is active, growing and blooming, the water lily will be dormant.
  • Truly unique, one of a kind plant!
  • Hardy zone 3 or higher

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