Koi Clay  Montmorillonite Clay Calcium Bentonite 12 lbs        FREE SHIPPING
Koi Clay

Koi Clay Montmorillonite Clay Calcium Bentonite 12 lbs FREE SHIPPING

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  • Koi clay is a fine powder that dissolves readily in water.
  • The dosage rate is only 2 tablespoons per 1,000 gallons. Using more than that rate will turn the water gray. And my water did turn gray but cleared up -  crystal clear 3 days later.  Three days later it was all dead and we vacuumed it up off the bottom of the tank.
  • Now I have found that for my pond it will take 3 treatments every day for 3 days. Depending on how much string algae you may need more or less treatments.
  • Now I use 2 tablespoons per 1000 gallons of water once a week, 52 weeks a year.  I have found this keeps the string algae gone.
My Personal Experience:
We are in the middle of spawning our Koi (May 2002) and one of my fry tanks had massive amounts of string algae. I would normally not be too concerned about it because the fry will eat the string algae. But the amount that we had was massive, almost 12 inches long and I was worried that the fry would get tangled in the string algae and die.

Our four-year old granddaughter was here helping "grandma" and accidentally spilled the whole container in the tank. Interestingly enough the fish were fine, the water turned gray and stayed gray for a couple of days and then algae died off and was gone. The water was crystal clear and actually sparkled.

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