Calla White Fragrant Flowers Extra Large Plant
Water Calla

Calla White Fragrant Flowers Extra Large Plant

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  • Calla Lily Zantedeschia aethiopica
  • Calla Lily blooms in cooler water in the early spring to mid summer.
  • Blooms in the winter in higher zones or if brought into the home in the fall in lesser zones of 10
  • The glossy leaves are arrowhead-shaped.
  • Water Calla is an ideal background plant for a pond or tub garden.
  • The large white blooms are truly magnificent. The plant grows about 2' tall and the blooms rise up near or above he top of the foliage.
  • They need to be placed in the pond so that there is no more than an inch or so of water over the top of the pot.
  • In lesser zones than 10 simply remove them from the pond and place them in a sunny window in a saucer kept filled with water.
  • Given enough light and cooler home temperatures they will bloom most of the winter indoors too.
  • Blooms in cooler water.
  • Calla can be potted or the rooted ends tucked into the rocks of a stream bed or waterfall.
  • Water Calla is hardy  zone 10 or higher
  • Works well in wetland, and low lying moist boggy areas.
  • These plants are shallow water plants, meaning they want the top of the pot even or slightly above the water level.

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