12 Hornwort Bunches Shade Tolerant Aquatic Plants
1 bunch of hornwort

12 Hornwort Bunches Shade Tolerant Aquatic Plants

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  • 12 bunches of hornwort
  • Submerged plant that is bright green and feathery. Turns almost a black color in the winter.
  • Provides hiding places for the fish and a place for them to spawn (lay eggs).
  • Underwater oxygenators also absorb dissolved materials in the water such as fish waste. Helps keep the water clean and clear.
  • Hornwort is shade tolerant
  • Great plant for green water
  • It is generally recommended that you place one bunch of oxygenators per 2 square feet of surface.
  • Hornwort is hardy to zone 5 and can be put in the pond once the water temperature reaches 55*.
  • If over wintered in a hardy zone in the pond, new growth will start when the water reaches about 62*
  • Can be used in aquariums.
  • Submersed plants are sometimes called oxygenators or underwater plants. While that is partially correct, all plants add oxygen to the water.
  • These plants can go anywhere from 6 inches deep to a few feet deep.

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