Watercress Water Cress 6 to 8 rooted stems
Water Cress

Watercress Water Cress 6 to 8 rooted stems

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  • You will a large bunch that you can divide into multiple smaller bunches OR you can separate the stems and place them individually.  Once they arrive, place each rooted plant in between rocks until the plants become established. It is best to plant them in rocks in shallow areas because they love, need moving water
  • Watercress Nasturtium officinale is one of my favorite plants to grow in the stream beds and waterfalls.
  • If it is grown in the stream bed or shallow parts of a waterfall, it will quickly cover the stones with a mass of small green leaves that will keep unsightly algae from growing on the stones.
  • When watercress starts to grow out of its bounds, I pull handfuls out and feed it to the fish.
  • Watercress loves moving water, so be sure to place it where the water is moving for sure success.
  • I lift a stone and tuck the roots under the stone. I will also tuck some in the nooks and crannies of the stones near the side stones, but where the water will still flow past the Watercress. Soon it will start growing and spreading out to cover all the stones. If you don’t like the stones totally covered, then simply remove some and feed it to the fish.
  • Hardy zone 4 or higher.
  • Full sun or part shade
  • These plants are shallow water plants, meaning they want the top of the pot even with or slightly above the water level.

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