We are now open to the public for Pond Plants; Lots of very large Water Lilies, Water Hyacinths, Water Lettuce, Water Iris, and Bog Plants and some Pond supplies.  We have a limited amount of Koi and Chinese Hi-Fin Banded Sharks (very large).  Please email or call before coming by.  We ask that you please do no "just drop in".

Online customers:
Water Hyacinths: are now shipping.  Lettuce will be another week
LOTUS: We will not be selling Lotus in 2019
LILY SALE: Buy two Hardy Water Lilies for at least $17.98 each GET ONE FREE Our Choice
Hardy Water Lilies . There is NO coupon code and the free lily is of our choice ONLY. 

DO NOT put a 3rd lily in the cart unless you are paying for it.  If you buy 2,  I will automatically add the free lily. 

At BonniesPlants.com we pride ourselves in growing our own plants; we are growers not re-wholesalers.   

If adding more than one item to the shopping cart, the shipping MAY over-calculate.  Please be assured I do refund the extra shipping when your order ships.

Looking for a specific pond plant?  Please contact me because I may just have it!

If you have a problem with the shopping cart, please  Contact Me